Cabin Concept

Art, digital, Painting, Preproduction
Cabin & Old Car
Environment Concept

Based on Sketches of the whole environment from different perspectives, draw elevations for the cabin and the car (without deformations) using a vector program (Illustrator in this case). Import the elevations into Maya to rough out 3D models and export into a scene. Cheap render viewport and use the picture as a template for paintover. Using rough brushes, paint out the general look of the environment.
Do not concentrate on details, keep it “impressionistic”. Details come later, at the production phase of the pipeline (modeling, texturing and visual effects).

Dress Simulation Project: Dancer

3D, CGI, digital, Production
Project: Dancer
Simulation 3D Character Clothes
Models & MoCap: MPC
Organic Surface High Poly SubDiv
Render Time

Model for her body, dress and necklace as well as motion capture, provided by MPC. Test the models with different degrees of detail, skin the mesh to her body and apply nucleus Cloth on the skirts to follow deformations. Same thing with necklace: use a spline connected to nucleus Hair to hang it on her neck and collide with her body.

Sole Kern Textures and VFX

3D, CGI, digital, Production
Sole Kern Textures and VFX
  • Project: Sole Kern Bauerfeind
  • Photo‑Realistic 3D Prop
  • Design: Manicx
  • Hard Surface High Poly SubDiv
  • Render Time

Goal: Show molten plastic injection process to make the actual kern, which later fits into a shoe-sole. Model the kern, use it as a container for nucleus Particles, emit from the sides, like in actual factory. Apply several textured layers to reproduce the look of solidified plastic, including reliefs, scratches, subsurface scattering, transparency, speculars and sparkles. Model the rest of the sole and render passes to composite: Diffuse, reflections, refractions, subsurface scattering and motion vector.

What is Photo‑Realism? From Contours to Volumes

3D, analog, Art, CGI, Contours, digital, drawing, Lineart, Portrait, Preproduction, Production
Project: Live, Analog Drawing Exercise
Pencil on Paper
Project: Live, Analog Nudes
Ink & Markers on Paper
Project: Live, Analog Portraits
Draw Chalk on Paper
Project: Photo‑Realistic 2D Portraits
Digital Painting
Project: Antonia
Photo‑Realistic 3D Character Head
Head Rigging, Face UI
Organic Surface High Poly SubDiv
Render Time

Antonia, Reduced Version

3D, CGI, digital, Production
Antonia, Compositing Layers, Rigging Controls, Face UI, Expressions Sheet, Real Acting Stress Test.

Antonia: Face UI Acting Stress Test

3D, CGI, digital, Production
Imitating acting from real actresses to test flexibility on new face user interface on a rigged model.