Sole Kern Textures and VFX

3D, CGI, digital, Production
Sole Kern Textures and VFX
  • Project: Sole Kern Bauerfeind
  • Photo‑Realistic 3D Prop
  • Design: Manicx
  • Hard Surface High Poly SubDiv
  • Render Time

Goal: Show molten plastic injection process to make the actual kern, which later fits into a shoe-sole. Model the kern, use it as a container for nucleus Particles, emit from the sides, like in actual factory. Apply several textured layers to reproduce the look of solidified plastic, including reliefs, scratches, subsurface scattering, transparency, speculars and sparkles. Model the rest of the sole and render passes to composite: Diffuse, reflections, refractions, subsurface scattering and motion vector.

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