Antonia Rigging Demo

3D, CGI, digital, Production
Photo realistic character rigging tools demonstration.

Rigging Controls:
● Root, neck, head, eyes, mouth
● Basic cumulative rotations
● Basic skinning (no additional deformations nor influence objects)
● Static hair/fur
● Ear rotation on head control
Goal: Face UI exercise demonstration

Eyes Controls:
● Adjustable eye rotation skin influence
Back to 25 %
● Independent eye rotation controls
● Iris expansion/contraction on eye controls
● Independent eyebrow translation controls
● Independent open/closed eyes for upper and lower eyelids
● Independent translation eyelid controls
● Puffed cheeks
● Outer and inner cheek controls
● Nose controls

Mouth Controls:
● Jaw rotations control
● Chin control
● Lower lip control
● Mouth control
Mouth up
Cartoon rigging inspired by cgAnt applied to a photorealistic character

● Additional jaw rotation control
● Corner position controls
M control
Sticky lips
● Independent lip position controls
● Lips deformation compensation
● Mouth corners trigger:
● sculpted deformations
● U/O mouth deformations

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