Character Demo

3D, Art, CGI, digital, Production
This video shows the development of two characters, beginning with archetypes, modeling using high poly subdivisions and sculpting, PBR texturing, and rigging-skinning using Maya joints and Muscles.

Modeling for Character: Both projects on this video require high polygon subdivisions and sculpting, although only the first one is going to need a thorough retopology with working edge loops for anatomically correct deformations. The second character is a robot made out of metal, so it doesn’t need any. I am solving the silhouettes via displacement maps, which proved more efficient than using subdivisions, and relief detail using normal maps.
Texturing for Character: In both projects, we need a photo-realistic render for video. I am providing it using PBR textures. The second project doesn’t need any subsurface scattering because is made out of metal.
Rigging & Skinning for Character: Both projects require functionalities like switches for forward and inverse kinematics and some skinning. The first project is multiple times more complex than the second. I skin the first character using Maya Muscle and the second using nCloth.

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