Rigging Demo

3D, CGI, digital
Two characters, rigging using controls, skinning using Maya Muscle and nCloth and facial expressions using blendShapes

For the first character, I am using the following functionalities:

  • Torso controls with advanced twist, stretchy spine with x axis scale joints.
  • Head constrains, that allow the rotations to center anywhere (neck, torso, shoulders, etc.).
  • Neck locks and shoulder constrains, one control for rotations and another for translations.
  • Arm and shoulder, forward and inverse kinematics for rotations and translations.
  • Elbow locking, with stretchy forearm centered on lock position.
  • Independent hand controls.
  • Leg forward and inverse kinematics with knee lock and reverse foot.
  • Skinning the body using Maya Muscles following anatomy and reinforcing edge loops.
  • Facial expressions with Maya blendShapes.

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